Breaking the Cycle

V. Kenneth and Justin Johnson are on a mission to help family, friends, and clients protect and transfer wealth

But getting the cold shoulder from young potential clients doesn’t deter Justin. His personal goal is to make purchasing life insurance “something that’s cool to do” by the time he’s 30. His logic: “When you’re younger, you’re the healthiest you’ll probably be in your life. So why not lock it in right now? Age and health dictate premiums. Even if you purchase term you can convert it later when your budget permits or as your life changes—for example, you marry, have a child, or start a business. Usually, if you wait, premiums and other costs increase.”

To help reinforce his point and appeal to younger clients, Justin developed a website ( that includes articles, electronic seminars, several financial calculators, a comprehensive glossary of financial terms, and a library of tax resources. Justin also hosts quarterly financial talks for members of his community and his clients.

“I want my clients to be educated consumers,” Justin says. “I have had to call clients who were declined for life insurance. That’s a hard call to make. Getting insured is not guaranteed. There is a risk when you wait, so why wait?”

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  • bob

    Intergenerational wealth transfer is anathema to one of the political parties.
    They want to tax it to the point where it becomes non existent, Anthony Weiner used to be in Congress as a member of that party. I still recall his illogical arguments against reducing and or eliminating the death tax.


    Nice article! I work in the insurance industry and transferring wealth or creating generational wealth is something that is not understood. This article does a good job showing how life insurance can be used in this process. It is TAX FREE transfer. We don’t think we can have this conversation because we think we can’t accumulate the money because we have not been taught how to use life insurance as that generational wealth building tool.