Building The Perfect Home Office

7 tips for creating a productive work space

metered; costs include basic charges plus cost-per-minute. The installation of two lines averages around $100, with basic charges running from $30-$40 a month. In some areas, this can include features such as call forwarding and conference calling.

A good business office phone, which supports at least two lines and has a hold button, starts from around $50-$120, and ranges upward. It will allow you to be listed in your local business directory under your company’s name.

Energy. Your attitude toward your workspace will be reflected in your work. After all, it should be a place that bristles with energy–not stagnation. Consi-der what type of decorations and/or paint you will use. Choose bright colors that will reflect light and keep you in a productive mood. Don’t use your office as a den or storage space–and you shouldn’t allow others to do so.

Address. A P.O. box is recommended. Your local post office or mail box center should be sufficient. A box in a mail center generally ranges from $15-$30 per month, depending on size. Some providers allow you to have an actual suite address, with your box number appearing as a suite number.

Once you’ve planned your space and created the proper working environment, you’re ready to purchase the equipment to get your business up and running.
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