Business Opportunities In Jamaica

Long touted as a place of sun worship, this "Isle of Springs" also boasts a liberal business environment

high currency exchange rate- -$37.55 Jamaican to every $1 U.S.–all add to its lush charm.
Per capita income: $2,230
Population: 2.54 million
GDP: $5.66 billion
Currency exchange rate: U.S. $1= $37.55
Jamaica’s principal exports: alumina, bauxite, sugar, clothing, rum, banana, coffee, cocoa, citrus fruits and products; mainly to U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada and Norway total: $1.86 billion
Principal imports: petroleum, machinery, consumer goods, transport and electrical equipment, food and construction goods; total: mainly from U.S., U.K., Venezuela, Germany and Japan; total: $2.72 billion
Airlines: American Airlines, Air Jamaica, British Airways and Air Canada
PHOTO (COLOR): Lewis, Nasralla and Rivers import culture

Before you pack your bags and rush off to do business on the tropical island, get a head start by making some key phone calls. Ask for information on investment opportunities and find out if there are any specific economic Incentives geared toward your area of business expertise:
U.S. Dept. of State, PM/DTC Room 228 SA-6 Washington, DC 20522 Tel: 703-875-6644 Fax: 703-875-6647
Provides import and export assist
Foreign Commercial Service c/o U.S. Embassy Tel: 809-929-4850
Sponsors trade missions to Jamaica.
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica Worker’s Bank 76 Knutsford Blvd. Kingston 5, Jamaica Tel: 809-968-5118
Business development agency for dealing with private industry. Provides current private-sector data.
Embassy of Jamaica 1520 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-452-0660 Fax: 202-452-0081
Provides information on political and environmental factors influencing economic stability.
Export-Import Bank of the U.S. 811 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20571 2Tel: 202-565-3946; Fax: 202-565-3380
Its finance program helps small businesses in facilitating exporting.
Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 7 E. Parade St. Kingston, Jamaica Tel: 809-922-0150/1 Fax: 809-924-9056
Assists small business owners in facilitating U.S.-Jamaica trade.
Jamaica Promotions Corp. (JAMPRO) Ingraham Building 25 SE 2nd Ave., Suite 808 Miami, FL 33131 Tel: 305-371-4405 Fax: 305-371-8599
The government’s agency for economic development.
U.S. Dept. of Commerce Office of Latin America and the Caribbean 14th St. & Constitution Ave. Room 3033 HCHB Washington, DC 20230 Tel: 202-482-0704 Fax: 202-482-4464 For Facts by Fax, call 202-482-4464
Offers free extensive market data on countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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