By the sweat of her brow

Fitness guru persevered and perspired her way to success

labor. She has starred in 15 top-rated fitness videos and is the author of Let’s Get Real. She has her own Nike shoe, the “Air Max Mundo,” as well as her own body-care product line, Spa Chic. She is also spokesperson for the American Heart Association and founder of StayFit Kids, a fitness program for inner-city youth.

Despite her success, Richardson continues to do much of the grunt work herself. “I bring more than 60% to 70% of my work to the table,” she says proudly. “I like a challenge, and where my career is concerned, the sky’s the limit. I just have to remember to pace myself.”

B.E.’s Successpert Speaks: “Richardson’s success is directly related to her willingness to pay the price to achieve it,” says Otis Williams, president and CEO of Otis Williams Limitless Inc., a personal development firm in Cincinnati ( Williams offers more advice:

  • Follow your heart. Don’t merely settle for the prospect of a pension. Have the courage to pursue your life’s passion.
  • Master the numbers. Finance is the language of business. You’ll be well served only if you learn it.
  • Stay humble. Richardson never got too big to do the little things-or take the smaller jobs-on her way to the top. Don’t allow ego to get in the way of your bigger picture.
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