Cable Connections

Is it worth being wired?

company if you think rates are too high.”

Also consider digital satellite service (DSS)4a competitive alternative. It requires a dish and box that you purchase, alleviating the monthly rental fee for cable. “It offers many more channels and satellite customers tend to be more satisfied,” says Butler.

Other benefits of having cable or DSS include the ability to order pay-per-view prizefights and concerts, have digital music, and get up to 250 channels. But still, Consumers Union maintains that prices have gotten out of hand, citing statistics of cable rates rising at three times the rate of inflation since 1996. “As consumers, we have great influence over our elected officials. Contact them and your cable companies about your rate. If you don’t take the time to say it, they’ll never know how you feel,” says Butler.

Cable and digital satellite service companies (DSS)
Check these firms to see if they operate in your state.
Then select the most economical provider.

Company/Website Service/Price States Phone
Adelphia Cable $39.95 4 887-772-2533
AOL Time Warner Cable $34.50 16 Check local listings
AT&T Broadband Cable $35.00 15 Check local listings
Cable One Cable $35.50 19 Check local listings
Cox Communications Cable $33.90 20 Check local listings
DirecTV DSS $31.99 50 800-DIRECTV
Dish Network DSS $39.99 50 800-333-DISH
The prices listed represent expanded basic service only. Prices will vary in different areas, cities, and states for each company. Check Websites for availability in your area.
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