Campaigning for office

Helping to manage company politics will be crucial to your success

know who you are and where you stand. Know what your issues are, and which issues are important to your constituency. Know how those issues connect and differ but, more important, know how to present those issues in your campaign for office.

For more on this subject, read:
Winning Office Politics by Andrew J. DuBrin
Princeton Hall Press, $14.95

The Machiavellian Manager’s Handbook
for Success by L.F. Gunlicks
National Book Network, $14.95

Politically Savvy: Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind the Scenesby Joel R. DeLuca
Evergreen Business Group, $28.50

Virtual Politicking: Playing Politics in Electronically Linked Organizations by Celia T. Romm
Hampton Press, $21.95

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