Carrying On The Legacy Of Ed Bradley

fosters the lack of appreciation for the positive contributions of people of color to our society. It’s not a coincidence that the ills and pathologies of African Americans are scrutinized, magnified, and amplified as the norm, while our dignity, honor, and virtue are rarely reported — and then only as the exceptions, not the rule, of the black experience. This is why it is necessary to have media owned and controlled by people of color, why we need more black magazines, television, radio, and online programming and content. Magazines like BLACK ENTERPRISE and television shows like Our World with Black Enterprise remain among the few media sources with the mission of providing hope, solutions, and news that celebrates us as African Americans and helps us improve and enjoy the quality of our lives.

It seems it is being left to black-owned media to carry on the most important legacy of Ed Bradley — to present, by his example, an African American image of dignity, intelligence, compassion, and professional excellence to the nation and the world.

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