Cashing in on TECH STOCKS

They may have tremendous potential, but how do you tell the difference between a sure thing and a pipe dream?

to get scorched.
To help you come up with a few investment picks, be called on Morningstar, the Chicago firm that tracks the mutual fund industry, to screen no-load funds with three-year track records. This will give you the best idea of funds that
best weathered the ups and downs of the market.

The leaders are Firsthand Technology Value Fund (888-884-2675), which has an average annual total return of 23.45% for the last 36 months and its cousin, Firsthand Technology Leaders, which was up a whopping 72%. However, the funds are pricey; the minimum initial investment is $10,000 for these no-loads. The two funds were designed for high net worth individuals and institutional investors. For tech funds that offer less expensive initial investments and high returns, see chart, “Tech Funds to Plug Into.”

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