Changing of the guard

Carol Moseley-Braun loses bid at second term in Senate

many from the Congressional Black Caucus into the Senate.”

So who’s in the pipeline?

Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tennessee) and J. Kenneth Blackwell, the secretary of state in Ohio, have been mentioned as having Senatorial potential. But both Walters and Bositis say New York State Comptroller H. Carl McCall (see “The Fundmaster,” October 1998) is best positioned to catapult himself onto a national stage. “McCall is definitely someone to keep an eye on,” says Walters. “You need someone who has an established record to win that office. He has a record and has had a number of whites vote for him in the past. [Sen. Daniel Patrick] Moynihan stepping down in New York gives him an opening, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t go for it.”

As for Moseley-Braun, she says a return to public office right now looks doubtful. “Running for office is a difficult thing and I’m not looking to do that again any time soon. But I’ll maintain some type of presence. I can’t divorce myself from the great debates of our time after being in the middle of the political process for the last 20 years. So it’s likely I’ll carve out some type of a role in the future.” Her next stop: the University of Chicago, where she’s been offered a teaching engagement that’s expected to start later this year.

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