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linking them to the freight that they will have to present at customs and hand over to their counterpart at the destination airport. Be assured, though, "someone from the courier firm always meets you once you arrive and helps you through customs," says Gregg Lapkin, director of the courier division of Airtech, a low-cost travel firm in Manhattan.

Remember: courier flights are only available to international destinations, usually from gateway cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Potential couriers should always have a valid passport when purchasing tickets. Because you are essentially "working" for the courier firm, smart dress and an efficient manner will likely get you through customs more quickly and on the courier firm’s A list. A job well done may mean possible tips on cheap flights later. Some courier firms charge registration fees-usually $35 to $50-which allow travelers a wider range of ticket options and prices.

Courier Travel Contacts
International Association of Air Travel Couriers

Air Courier Association
VEX Wholesale Express

Jupiter Air
718-656-6050 or 310-670-1197

Air Tech

Air Facility

Halbart Express
718-656-8189 or 310-417-9790

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