Closed For Business?

Here's what you can do when a company skips town with your money

a bankruptcy, you are legally barred from further collection activity, except through the bankruptcy court. There, you must file a claim for your debt, which can be done without a lawyer.
A call or visit to the Attorney General’s office could give you direction on how to make a consumer protection claim. If you find a pattern in cases filed against the store at the local court, this can be solid evidence for the claim. The Attorney General’s office may also inform you about any prior illegal dealings at the store.

Finally, be aware of consumer protection laws that give consumers powerful weapons to battle grievances. These laws allow for awards of multiple damages, costs and attorney’s fees from the losing merchant if you prove that there was some unfair or deceptive act or practice perpetrated againts you.

G. Emil Wardis an attorney practicing civil litigation and real estate law in Boston

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