Closer than the average co-worker

Appropriate doses of camaraderie can boost office productivity

occasional disagreements and/or conflicting views and opinions. Help team members resist the urge to perceive

opposing views as personal affronts. Reiterate the fact that agreement isn’t necessary for understanding, and that “agreeing to disagree” doesn’t have to hinder team efforts.

To help you establish proper intimate relationships in the office, read:
Beyond the Magic Circle: The Role of Intimacy in Business by Brian R. Smith (Fainshaw Press, $12.50)
Cultivating Common Ground: Releasing the Power of Relationships at Work by Daniel S. Hanson (Butterworth-Heinemann, $17.95)
Sexual Harassment on the Job: What It Is & How to Stop It by William Petrocelli and Barbara Kate Repa (Nolo Press, $18.95)

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