Creating Your Financial Package

Here are the best ways to showcase your bottom line

adds value,” says Aiken. “An accountant can also lend insight to the owner in matters that he or she may not clearly understand,” he says. This professional can also flag potentially troublesome numbers.

Since numbers by themselves do not always give a complete picture of your operation’s financial position, you should also include accounting notes at the end of your financial plan. These brief summaries provide further details about the methods used to calculate the figures.

For help in creating and interpreting your financial plan, attend seminars and workshops at your local chamber of commerce or business resource center. You can also visit your local library and bookstore for publications on how to put together a financial package.

Next month, in Part 7 of our business plan writing series, we will help you outline your long-term goals and revise existing strategies in the long-range plan.

Cash Flow Analysis

January 1 – December 31, 19–
(Pro forma)
In thousands

Feb 19–
Beginning balance 62299
Projected recipts:
Cash sales 42900
Credit sales 17100
Loan proceeds 20000
Other income 5000
Total cash in 85000
Projected cash payments:
Raw material 2350
Merchandise 3425
Administrative salaries 12125
Employee salaries 15325
Administrative fees 475
Payroll & other taxes 900
Professional Fees 700
Rent 2075
Utilities 175
Telephone 325
Supplies 1500
Advertising 8000
Selling & commission expense 9500
Interest 750
Insurance 600
Repayment of loan 775
Miscellaneous 6825
Total cash out 65825
Source: The Start of Something Big:
Your Ultimate Guide to Writing A Dynamic
Business Plan, Noted Concepts, San Diego, 1994
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