Daddy’s Home!

Fathers stay home to watch the kids and build businesses to suit their values

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  • How can I hold conference calls that won’t be _interrupted by noise? Talk to family members and impress on them the need for silence during business calls. Alternatively, go into a room with a door and close it or schedule conference calls when the children are at school or asleep. Also, invest in a phone or headset with a mute button.
  • Should I hold business meetings at home or at a restaurant? Holding business meetings at home, whether with clients or business partners, presents a variety of concerns. First, many cities don’t allow such meetings at a residence; check code enforcement to see what your city allows. Second, is your home appropriate for on-site meetings? It might not have the seating or comforts needed to host a meeting. Third, and most important, allowing strangers into your home, no matter how professional they may seem, could be risky. Instead, schedule meetings at a nearby hotel lobby bar, the local library, your attorney’s conference room, a coffee shop, executive suite, or business center.
  • Should I stay in touch with former colleagues? Many home-based entrepreneurs suffer from isolation. To avoid that, join the chamber of commerce’s home or small-business committee, become a member of an online user group of work-at-home parents, or create a network of fellow work-at-home parents — either online or in your neighborhood. They’re out there; you just have to find them.


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