Database Marketing

More than a glorified Rolodex, a database is a tool for attracting customers

are many applications for your database. Here are at least six to get you started:

  • Send routine mailings or promotional pieces (e.g., coupons or discounts) every three months.
  • Send gifts and thank-you notes to your best customers.
  • Determine when regular customers are due to re-order and call them up in advance. This minimizes the chance of losing those orders. .
  • Send newsletters or announcements to keep customers informed of new products/services.
  • Send personal notes thanking customers for their valued service over the years.
  • Send personal notes expressing concern to customers who are ordering less.

The idea is to build an ongoing rapport with customers/clients. Maintaining a thorough databasemanagement program ensures good customer relations, which in turn promotes repeat sales.

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