Developing A Brand

Want to generate loyalty online and off? Create a killer brand.

savings, and service. If their needs are not satisfied, they’ll simply go elsewhere.

Protect Your Brand
Defending your brand on all fronts takes vigilance. But every time you defend it, you also strengthen it. There are things you can do to make it easier such as choosing a business name unlike someone else’s in the same field, and making sure there’s a simple domain name available when you’re ready to go online. Once you’re online, follow these tips to secure your identity:

– Post a copyright notice on each Web page and set up rules for the use of your logo and company name in print.

– Search the Web for instances of stolen logos, art, or text, and ask your attorney to send cease and desist letters to thieves.

If your domain name has been bought by someone who simply wants to resell it at a higher price, consider the following: Under the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, a person or company can’t, in bad faith, register someone else’s trademark or personal name as a domain name. The best way to defend your brand, however, is to provide quality products and customer service, and to deliver on what the brand promises.

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