Dial Again

Choosing the right cellular phone provider

within the U.S., you may save money by using the CogniDial toll-free access dial-around plan for state-to-state calls,” he notes. “While you will still be using up minutes on your cell phone plan, the additional cost for a state-to-state call will be less than 7.8 cents per minute with CogniDial.”

If you’re getting service for business, negotiate for a deal. “You might want to go for the lower minutes at first, but make sure you can make changes to your contract without suffering any penalties if you find you need more minutes or features,” notes Payton, who chose Sprint PCS. On her current plan, she estimates her savings are between 13% and 18% per month. Most carriers will customize plans for businesses, but they require them to get a minimum of five phones, pass a corporate credit check, provide a tax ID number, have a corporate checking account, and have a corporate phone number.

Contracts are almost always mandatory for one year, so find out if the service provider offers a 30-day trial period to test the plan you’ve picked. Carriers that don’t require a contract are often for pre-paid plans. In all cases, read the contract carefully and before your year expires, review it. To place complaints, contact the FCC, which has a consumer information site at www.wireless.fcc.gov. The address is FCC, The Portals, 445 12th St., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20554.

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