Do You Hire In-Home Help?

Here's how to protect yourself from problems down the road

percentage increase will depend on the age and gender of the additional driver, says Rob Hair, an Allstate Insurance underwriter.

Arrange for an additional benefits package.
Work with your insurance company, or with a firm like Eisenberg & Associates of Boston — the official insurance provider of the International Nanny Association (INA). Eisenberg is a full-service underwriter that arranges medical and dental insurance for thousands of service workers. Nearly half of Eisenberg’s clients split the costs of medical and disability insurance with their employers. The insurance diminishes the need for lawsuits. Call 800-777-5765.

Your responsibilities.
Finally, do not be afraid to manage the home situation as you would the one in the office, says Mary O’Connor, president of the INA in Collingswood, New Jersey. This is a business arrangement, after all, and you are the employer.

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