Dream Your Way To Success

Think visualization is easier said than done? Here's a technique you can do in your sleep.

sleep- state visualizing, you will naturally move from the mundane to the profound and will become better at recognizing and interpreting the answers as they come to you. You will eventually become aware of your dreams without disturbing the restfulness of your sleep. This will better allow you to interpret, manipulate, and remember them for use in your daily life.

People who practice sleep-state visualization regularly “discover that they are more deeply imbedded with wisdom than they ever dreamed possible,” says Guillory. “Anything you ask for, anything you need or want to find out is really there, right inside of you.”


  1. Assume you have the power to make your mind do what you want. If you don’t, your mind will self-select.
  2. By midday, formulate a question. The garbage in, garbage out rule still applies. The more specific your question, the more specific your answer. Write it down.
  3. Read your question to yourself several times throughout the day. Refine it, as needed, but keep it as present in your mind as possible.
  4. Just before you go to sleep, ask your question again out loud. Ask to be awakened as soon as the answer comes. Especially important for beginners: Have pen and paper ready at your bedside.
  5. As soon as you wake up, write the answer down. If an answer doesn’t occur to you, write down whatever comes into your head.

As you become better at this, you may not need to be awakened. The answers will occur to you at your optimal time; i.e., the time of day you tend to be at your most creative or productive.
It’s important to stick with it, even if it doesn’t seem to work at first. Says Guillory: “People nearly kill themselves learning to ski, but they try again and again. This is a lot easier than skiing, but it takes a while to perfect–generally three nights to two weeks.”
After that you’ll be sleeping better–in more ways than one

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