DVD Ushers In A New Era In File Storage

Your guide to the information superhighway Latest storage device promises tohold seven times as much data as CD-ROMs

similar pricing and availability.

By early 1998, writeable versions of DVD will be showing up in computers. They are DVD-R and DVD-RAM. DVD-R, essentially a recordable version of DVD, allows the riser to input information to the disc only once. It will provide a single-sided capacity of 3.9 gigabytes of storage that will be useful for companies that must archive large amounts of information. With the added capacity, companies will be able to store more information on fewer disks, at less cost.

DVD-RAM or DVD-random access memory, is a readable and writeable format. This format promises you the ability to read, write and erase to the DVD- RAM disc. Initially, capacity will be slightly less than 3 gigabytes. No pricing has been announced for either DVD-R or DVD-RAM.

With three new standards to choose from, what should you do? As with any new standard, there are going to be bugs and glitches. Additionally, pricing of these units will be high, but innovation will cause the prices to drop from their initial high levels. A 2X DVD has recently been announced in Japan. As drive speeds continue to increase, expect prices for the older versions to reach affordable levels for all consumers.

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