Eateries Team Up For Clout

Black restaurant association wants to help owners grow their businesses

needed black restaurants for an event she was hosting at the L.A. Science Center. Eighteen restaurants participated, and 2,000 people sampled their cuisine.

LABRA has major plans for its second year, notes Jones. One plan is to start a LABRA hotline for members and consumers. Consumers will be able to locate restaurants while members can get referrals “such as printers to do menus or someone to fix your refrigerator,” she notes. In the meantime consumers can call 323-290-4744. LABRA aims to launch a Website by year’s end and embark on a membership drive to add at least 50 members. Another goal is to attract a celebrity spokesperson. “We’d love to have someone like Danny Glover because he’s also a restaurant owner,” she says.

The more LABRA succeeds, the more all of L.A. will be dishing it up at a black restaurant.

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