Feast on This

A smorgasbord of ways to profit from your passion for food


For the past 10 years, Bryant Terry has been battling the structural inequalities that exist in our nation’s food system; advocating for better access to fresh, local foods; and trying to reverse the prevalence of food-related illnesses in our communities. First through
nonprofit work and now through cookbooks—his third, The Inspired Vegan, comes out in January—Terry is trying to get blacks to reclaim our culinary heritage and reconnect to real food.


Fourth-generation farmers Thomas Roque Jr., 30, and his brother Todd, 26, were milking cows and working on the family ranch before they were old enough to talk. Their 95-year-old family business sits on 800 acres of land in Cane River, Louisiana, purchased by their great-great grandparents, Emmitte and Cecile. Today they raise about 500 calves; plant and bale hay; and pick, clean, and bag more than 200 pounds of pecans from their 600 trees each season.

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