Finance Camps For Kids

Summer programs encourage young people to safeguard their financial future through money management

learning.” Owolewa says he intends to invest $1,000 he saved up over the summer in addition to $500 given to him by his father. He wants to sit down with a broker to review his options.

Owolewa was among roughly 100 teens who applied for 45 slots at this year’s camp. He was awarded a $650 scholarship to attend. Participants are chosen based on an application, letters of recommendation, and a written essay, explains Patrick Gregory, program director and professor of finance at Bentley College. “We are looking for students who have a sincere interest in finance, have some prior knowledge as part of their high school curriculum (e.g., stock market games), or have some trading experience through, for instance, their parents or grandparents (who may have purchased stock or mutual funds in their names),” he says.

While you can buy your children stocks, that alone isn’t likely to improve his or her investment knowledge. Financial literacy can be intimidating for adults and kids alike, but it doesn’t have to be. Sending your children off to investment camp is an exciting real-life approach to helping them learn how to grow and manage their money.

Investment Business Camps
YoungBiz Better Investing and Entrepreneurs camps, 888-543-7929;

Camp $tart-Up, Summer $tock, and Who’s Behind the Noise, 805-965-0457;

Wall Street 101, 781-891-2598;

Black Enterprise Teenpreneurs/Kidpreneuers Conference, 800-543-6786;

The Enterprise Center Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, 215-895-4000;

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