First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide

The hurdles are high, but here aretips for making your first move your best

Urban Development: Check their Web site at, or call the following toll-free numbers:
Housing Counseling Referral Line: 800-569-4287
Fair Housing Information Clearinghouse: 800-343-3442
Multifamily Housing Clearinghouse: 800-685-8470
FHA Hotline: 800-CALL-FHA
U.S. General Services Administration’s Consumer Information Center: For a free catalog, write to the GSA at: Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, CO 81009;
American Homeowners Association HomeCentral: 888-470-2AHA; or
Interactive Homebuying on Web: www.max
National Home Buying Institute: 1485 Kelley Johnson Blvd., Suite 210, Colorado Springs, CO 80920; 719-599-0423
Home Buying for Dummies, by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown, IDG Books Worldwide, $16.99; 800-434-3422 or 800-762-2974
How to Buy a House, Condo, or Co-op, by Michael C. Thomsett, Consumer Reports Books, $16.95; 800-500-9760
Fannie Mae’s Desktop Home Counselor (DHC)
Designed to help counselors provide detailed financial information, budgets and generate credit reports and affordability analyses to help home buyers determine their readiness to buy a home.

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