FIT to be president

Joyce Brown is the first African American to head a New York City college of design

12-weekend program for high school students seeking to explore job options before going to college.

Brown, who holds a master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from New York University, has had her share of career disappointments-such as the one at Baruch. But she’s held on to the belief that she would get what she wanted "come hell or high water." Says Brown: "Just lead with a certain level of confidence and trust in your abilities and experience."

B.E.’s Career Coach:
"Dr. Brown’s experience is a great model for any professional," says Richard S. Gibson, Ed.D., a career coach based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Gibson offers some ways to apply Brown’s lessons to your own career:

  • Have a strategy. In addition to having a vision for her career, Brown also had a plan to help her get where she wanted to be. Combine that with an unstoppable attitude and you will too.
  • Get diverse work experience. As in Brown’s case, it can help you gain credibility with a wide range of people. This is especially important if you’re seeking a management position.
  • Believe in yourself. Dismiss self-doubts and don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do. Ultimately, only you can decide your capabilities.

Give back. What comes around goes around. Use your experience to help out and be a model for others, regardless of their background.

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