From ‘Ho-Hum’ To More Fun

Here are five ways to make a boring job better

of your work.

  • Take it personally. Not only should you personalize your work with your “signature statements” of quality, fast customer service and accuracy, you should act as if you are in business for yourself. Enjoy this newfound sense of ownership and spirit of entrepreneurship. Instead of thinking of yourself as just an employee, act like a consultant providing a service to a client (your employer). Indulge in a “take charge” attitude and take the initiative to make decisions or suggestions as they pertain to your projects and area of expertise.
  • Keep your options open. Don’t think of your present job as your only opportunity for career growth, advancement or excitement. Keep all of your options open by upgrading your skills and broadening your experience. Take advantage of company training, continuing education classes or a part-time or volunteer job. Pinpoint skills you need to acquire or improve and then pursue them.
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    The Game of Work by Charles A. Coonradt (Game of Work, $14.95)
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