Funds Of Fund

Fairview Capital used a razor-sharp strategic focus and high-powered talent to build a $1.6 billion private equity enterprise

Price and Morse will continue to pursue big management assignments like the Constitution Fund — even though Schaefer says that some may speculate that Fairview got Connecticut’s business because it’s a black firm and the state treasurer is African American, or that it won because it is a Connecticut-based business. Says Schaefer, “We had serious competition there, but we got this deal because Fairview Capital has 10 years’ experience in the marketplace and we are best to manage the fund.” And while his and Halligan’s position at Fairview may have also been an asset in acquiring the assignment, he tags Morse and Price as the masterminds. “Larry and JoAnn are really experienced in this arena and they have a real way of bringing out the best in people.”

Shirley, who is also Morse’s former Princeton buddy, is another true believer in the duo’s power. “When Larry asked me to join him, I said, ‘Sure.’ I didn’t ask about money or anything. Larry is one of the best trained minds in the industry,” says Shirley. “JoAnn has the personality that draws people to her and, at the same time, leadership capabilities that are without limit. The combination of Larry and JoAnn leading this firm is just tremendous.”

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