Getting Started

Armed with a college degree and a new job, Jeff wilson seeks some smart moves to build lasting wealth

of youth. By investing early, he gives himself many years to prosper in bull markets as well as to withstand occasional declines during bear markets. Using a hypothetical 8% return, if he invested $100 monthly into a growth mutual fund, his investments would grow to more than $57,000 in 20 years and $140,000 in more than 30 years.

Financial Snapshot: Jeff Wilson II


Gross Income $50,000
Money Market Account $600
ING Direct Money Market Account 2,600
Savings Account 600
Checking Account 400
IRA 1,300
Individual Stocks 10,000
Total $15,500


Student Loans $12,000
Credit Card Debt 300
Total $12,300
NET WORTH $3,200
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