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spend what we make, and we spend it often on things that don’t necessarily have a return on [our] investment. We need to become more financially literate and more politically astute. African Americans just don’t vote enough. We have to vote intelligently on what impacts us financially.

Karen Gibbs FOX News Channel
HER ADVICE TO OUR READERS: You have to be in it to win it. You’ve got to be in the market. You have to have some sort of plan and you can start with a little bit of money. You don’t need a windfall. You don’t need an inheritance. Stay disciplined, not only in your investing but also in your contributions.

Sharon Epperson CNBC Business News
HER ADVICE TO OUR READERS: If there is one thing that I’m bullish about, it’s the potential of the African American community to gain [financial] parity with whites by developing a sound financial plan. It is not just trying to figure out how [to] get into the market and pick the best stock, but how they can make their overall investment strategy work for them. That starts with getting out of debt [and] taking some of the extra income you do have, and investing [it].
Then, ensuring you have proper life [and] disability insurance.

Eric McKissack Ariel Appreciation Fund

  Price at 5-Year Estimated
Company (Exchange: Ticker) Recommendation* EPS Growth Rate
Tribune (NYSE: TRB) $36.65 13.4%
Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) 27.55 13.1
MBNA (NYSE: KRB) 33.50 18.6
Cendant (NYSE: CD) 16.05 13.0
Toys R Us (NYSE: TOY) 19.82 11.8
*AS OF JAN. 30, 2002


Media. [It] is going to be a consolidating industry, and many of the small- and medium-size players in that area are going to be beneficiaries.

Financial Services. The low interest rate environment will help many of them. Lending activity is slow, we will see a pick up in that activity over the course of the year.

Tribune. We like Tribune, a diversified media company with properties in the three largest markets. There is a prospect of improved advertising spending as well as its ability to use various platforms to benefit, over time, from changes in FCC regulations on TV and newspaper ownership in several markets.

Interpublic Group. It is a diversified advertising agency holding company. We are encouraged by the current valuation, the opportunity for cyclical recovery in advertising, as well as an improved positioning of some of its operating units.

MBNA. It’s one of the largest pure play credit card issuers, especially known for its affinity marketing. It also has demonstrated extra skill at identifying a higher-than-average consumer by using a very good screening tool [and] individual observation of each application, not just a machine, to identify a good credit risk.

Cendant. This is a controversial stock. This name came up earlier but in a negative context. Cendant obviously will live in infamy [after] a huge $2.5 billion shareholder liability payment to settle [law]suits. We see a company with a tremendous number of franchises across a number of channels within the hotel franchise

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