Giving Up On College Is Not An Option

education is not an entitlement but rather a privilege. Many years ago, as a student at Baltimore’s Morgan State College (now university), I carried a full course load while holding a number of jobs such as waiting tables, delivering telegrams, and working as a lifeguard. In addition to these jobs, I also launched entrepreneurial ventures, including flower-delivery and landscaping businesses, to help finance college expenses. To put it bluntly, I was willing to hustle to pay for the education my family could not afford. Those aspiring to attend college today must be willing to do the same, whether they have access to grants, loans, their parents’ resources, scholarships — or not.

The fact is, once you get past the sticker shock of college costs and truly commit to the goal of a college education, you will find ways to afford that investment. The sacrifices we make today to increase the number of black college graduates will be more than repaid in the long term. Moreover, the costs of not pursuing a college education — more than $1 million in lost earning power per person — is far more than we can afford as African Americans. The old adage still holds: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

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  • Fanechka Lafitte

    College is an impossible goal to attain, for the poor like me no matter how hard we work and save to go there’s always more un forescene expenses attached that are always not covered or added on at the last minute. I will be stuck in a job I hate that goes no where because of these increasing expenses that grants won’t cover and loan companies that won’t do business with those schools. Privately saving doesn’t cut it either. How can anyone save enough and still pay there bills every month. Maybe we should start taking are children’s allowance money and explain to them they can’t have it because you want them to use that to go to college for the one semester that a few years of allowance will pay for . Here’s your reality check on education.