Going Against the Grain

Newcomers to the B.E.100s prove it's not where you start but where you end up that matters

international Inc., an information technology company that does business with NASA. Here is a brief introduction to the newcomers and their rankings on this year’s list.

CAMAC ( 1 )
Specializes in oil and gas exploration, engineering, and refining. The $979.5 million Houston firm employs 1,000 people and is headed by Nigerian-born Kase L. Lawal.

Telcobuy.com ( 2 )
Posting revenues of $604 million, this Maryland Heights, Missouri, firm provides technical and e-business consulting services and contract manufacturing.

Harpo Inc.  ( 9 )
This legendary television production and publishing company, headed by Oprah Winfrey, posted revenues of $285 million. 

Total Premier Services Inc. ( 13 )
The Houston-based supplier of oil and gas drilling operations boasts revenues of $242 million and has 75 employees.

Madison Research Corp. ( 56 )
Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the information technology firm has 620 employees and boasts revenues of $60.6 million. 

Dimensions International Inc. ( 61 )
An international information technology firm that boasts an impressive client roster including Boeing Information Services and NASA. The company posted revenues of $55.8 million.

A. L. Eastmond & Sons Inc. ( 80 )
A New York City manufacturer of broilers, the company posted revenues of $34 million and has 200 employees.

Detroit Heading L.L.C. ( 80 )
Specializes in manufacturing automotive fasteners (bolts). The $34 million Detroit firm employs 90 people. Clients include General Motors Corporation, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler Company.

Industrial Inventory Solutions L.L.C. ( 80 )
Specializing in distribution of industrial chemical and freight transportation, the Cleveland-based firm employs 275 people and boasts revenues of $34 million.

Shoprite Supermarket of West Haven ( 80 )
Employs 190 people and posted revenues of $34 million.The West Haven, Connecticut, store is headed by Samuel O. Chapman Jr. 

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery ( 85 )
With 37 franchises and six family-owned locations, the company, which specializes in Caribbean baked goods, boasts revenues of $32 million. 

Tec-Masters Inc.  ( 87 )
Posting 2001 revenues of $32 million, the company specializes in research and development, implementation technology, professional engineering services, navigation software, and multimedia services.

Thor Construction Inc. ( 89 )
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company specializes in general contracting and design-building and posted 2001 revenues of $31.2 million. 

Vanguard Holdings Inc. ( 95 )
Located in Savannah, Georgia, the company, which provides integrated supply services for MRO Software and Blueprint Tooling, posted revenues of $29.2 million. 

White Construction Co. Inc. ( 97 )
Posting revenues of $28 million, the Detroit company provides general contracting, construction management, and design-building services. 

Paradigm Solutions Corp. ( 100 )
Providing information technology solutions, the company boasts revenues of $27.2 million and is headed by Raymond A. Huger.

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