Going it Alone

The most successful entrepreneurs have certain traits in common. Take this quiz to find out if you have them, too.

attitude toward the group?
a. I am a good employee.
b. I am more of a coach than a team player.
c. I welcome responsibility.
d. I’m a team player.
13. What’s your style when things are chaotic or unresolved?
a. I’m a closure person.
b. I get stressed if I don’t know the answer.
c. I can live with incomplete information and uncertainty.
d. I can’t always wait for complete information before making a decision.
14. How do you feel about your business?
a. This business really excites me.
b. I see this business as my ticket to riches.
c. The more I know about this business the more I like it.
d. There are plenty of exciting businesses.
The trick is focusing on just one.
15. What’s your finance strategy?
a. I can bootstrap my business.
b. I know how to raise money.
c. All I need is an income.
d. I have a lot of money tucked away for this venture.
16. How do you feel about working with or relying on others?
a. I’m reliable and find others to be the same.
b. I’m careful not to go overboard.
c. I’m very results-oriented.
d. Nice guys finish last.
17. How do you feel when the buck stops with you?
a. I don’t make excuses.
b. Unfair competition scares me.
c. I learn from my mistakes.
d. I’d rather be the quarterback than the pulling guard.
18. How confident are you that you’ll succeed?
a. I have a “can do” attitude most of the time.
b. I didn’t lose. I ran out of time.
c. I sometimes wonder if I’m making the right decision.
d. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
19. What do you think of creativity and change?
a. I like to follow set patterns.
b. Being innovative and creative is a drawback in business.
c. I like to come up with new solutions to problems.
d. Once my plans are set, I never deviate from them.
20. How do you feel about sharing your burdens with those close to you?
a. I’m keeping this venture a secret for the time being.
b. My friends and family are behind me in this venture.
c. My spouse is worried about the risk, but we’ll work it out.
d. I don’t know if my friends and family think this is a good idea.
21. How would you feel about playing all the roles in your start-up?
a. I have all the business skills I need.
b. I’m a people person. What else do I need?
c. I don’t know what I need to know. Help!
d. I have most of the skills I need, and know how to find people with those I lack.

Reasoning behind answers:
These explanations provide the basis for each question and reinforce the correct answers.
1. Hard work is a key success factor. A history of hard work is a better indicator of success than a promise of hard work. Lots of effort over a long period of time is needed to make your venture work.
2. Health and stamina allow you to do all that hard work. Many start-ups report 80-hour work weeks for the first year or two. That takes a lot of energy.
3. Self-motivated people thrive in entrepreneurial businesses. People who need

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