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The best and brightest entrepreneurs are growing despite sluggish times

employees, including four full-time and five contract pilots. Serving domestic and international clients, Mays has charted new territory.
Reese Enterprises
TYPE OF BUSINESS Food distribution
PRESIDENT James A. Reese
LOCATION Fullerton, CA
James Reese always wanted to be his own boss. In 1991, the former sales executive for Hidden Villa Ranch, a dairy foods distributor in California, cooked up a new venture by using a portion of his 401(k) savings and financing from his former boss. Through contacts and quality service, he built Reese Enterprises from an upstart venture into a $5 million wholesale distributor of eggs, dairy items, and other food products. And it’s a lean operation. he has only four employees.

But being small hasn’t stopped Reese, 54, from getting prime contracts. In addition to supplying food to the state of California and the federal government, Reese also serves Kraft Foods, one of his largest customers. These days, his mouth is watering over the prospect of moving into international territory.

This award honors companies that have successfully set trends and broken new ground in a particular industry. The nominees are:
Interactive Sports
PRESIDENT Andre Taylor
After spending his professional life as an executive at media giants such as Reuters Television and Dow Jones Telerate, Andre Taylor decided that he wanted to try to hit home runs as an entrepreneur. Way before most companies even thought about e-commerce, the 40-year-old entrepreneur formed Interactive Sports in 1990.

The concern not only provides sports news and information to fans through the Web, radio, and wireless communications, it also creates content for niche audiences. His outlets, which include Urban Sports Network, Women’s Sports Channel, Nutrition Report, and ISWire, reach an estimated 3 million sports fans daily. In 2001, the company grossed $1.2 million.
Male Care
TYPE OF BUSINESS Multi-service outlet for men
OWNERS Fred & Richard Calloway
After realizing that professional men have little time to take care of necessities such as haircuts, dry cleaning, and washing a car, Fred and Richard Calloway thought of creating a one-stop shop for such needs. In 1998, the two inventive brothers, Fred, a 44-year-old electrical engineer, and Richard, a 45-year-old retiree from the Army, used $30,000 of combined personal savings and opened Male Care in Augusta, Georgia.

Operating out of a 4,000-square-foot location, Male Care serves 1,800 customers each month and grossed $286,000 in 2001.

Last year, Male Care partnered with a local Meineke franchisee that leased a portion of their space, creating yet another service for men on the go: oil changes and auto repairs.
SalonSENSE Magazine
TYPE OF BUSINESS Publication for salon professionals
PRESIDENT W. Terri Winston
For years, salon owners have been looking for a vehicle that can provide them with valuable information on how to run their business. Enter W. Terri Winston. In 1997, she launched SalonSENSE Magazine Inc., a company that produces a publication bearing the same name and serving roughly 40,000 black beauticians and salon owners nationwide.

Says Winston of her creation, “Each month, our readers are empowered with training, marketing, and business tools that help further

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