Hitting A High Note

Accomplished composer overcomes dyslexia

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“I decided to find the gift inside of dyslexia,” Duncan asserts. Recently, he revealed his disability in a newsletter to 400-plus clients and associates after realizing that it is because of, and not in spite of, his disability that he has achieved success. “I’ve searched high and low for that magic pill, but without dyslexia I would not be the composer that I am today.”

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  • Kent Nelson

    I don’t know Marcia Wade Talbot, but her writing style is clear and truly idiomatic of a magazine format. She is to be commended on including a lot of information in such a concise manner. Since the article came out, I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Duncan. He is an extremely talented yet down to earth person. One comment or correction: When Ms. Talbot wrote the piece, possibly Mr. Duncan was specializing in “urban” music. Today he has blossomed into all areas of music writing as his company and cliental have expanded into jingles and advertising. He has emerged as a very versatile composer of all genres. Thanks for a great insight into this man.

  • Marcia

    Thanks! I appreciate that. Keep checking back to our site for great news and resources on entrepreneurship, careers and personal finance.