How Suite It Is

Microsoft Office 97 comes in large and small sizes

flag on a detailed street map to help you locate it.

Overall, Microsoft Office 97 is a worthy upgrade from the Drevious version. The shared code between the applications makes the suite more responsive and uniform, while the enhancements and Internet functionality make it ready for just about any office need. If you don’t have an office suite but need one, make sure you check it out before you purchase something else. If you decide on Office 97, you’ll need about 120 megs of free harddrive space. It’s a monster, but you probably won’t need many other applications.

The Standard and Small Business Editions retail for $499 ($209 upgrade from Office 95). The Professional Edition, which also includes Microsoft Bookshelf Basics, costs $599 ($309 upgrade). But shop around before you buy; prices are likely to come down after the initial launch. For more information, contact Microsoft at 800-426-9400 (or

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