How To Boost You Portfolio’s Performance

With the bull market raging back, take these steps to keep your investments on track.

your “financial quarterback,” the fees you pay will probably be well worth it, especially if you are a procrastinator, and the advisor can get you going with a workable financial plan.

Website Resources
There are literally tens of thousands of sites out there you can utilize. In early 2003, I did a search on Yahoo! using the key words “retirement calculator.” I came up with a whopping 206,000 hits! Here are a handful of Websites with retirement calculators and useful worksheets that are more comprehensive, yet easy to use:

Setting Your Goals
Take a few minutes to review the general goals listed below. Do any of them match your own?
If so, think about whether each applicable goal is a short-, medium-, or long-range mission for you.
Short-term goals: can be achieved in one to two years maximum
Medium-term goals: require two to ten years to accomplish
Long-term goals: require saving/investing for ten years or more

Pay off credit card debt
Establish a cash cushion or emergency fund
Buy a new automobile or a second car
Retire comfortably
Make large contributions to church, synagogue, etc.
Obtain a down payment on a first home
Fund a family member’s college education
Start a business
Pay for a wedding
Pay off student loans
Return to undergraduate or graduate school
Acquire residential or commercial rental property
Create a nonprofit organization
Purchase a vacation home
Take a cruise
Buy a boat or yacht
Travel around the world
Fund a charitable trust
Save for a new baby

Lynnette Khalfani is a frequent contributor to BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine. A former Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC, she frequently appears on NBC’s Today show.

From the book, Investing Success: How to Conquer 30 Costly Errors & Multiply Your Wealth! by Lynnette Khalfani © 2004. Reprinted by arrangements with the author.

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