If You Want A Mentor, Be A Mentor


Mentorship does not have to be complicated or overly time consuming. If you are looking for a little guidance on how and where to get started, read The Miracles of Mentoring: How to Encourage and Lead Future Generations by Thomas Dortch Jr., the former national president of 100 Black Men of America Inc. (Broadway Books; $15). Or just think of all the things you look for in a mentor — an objective ear, the unvarnished truth, some words of encouragement and unbiased feedback, a willingess to provide a reference or make a key introduction — and look for someone you can offer them to. Just as you are looking for someone ahead of you to reach back and show you the way, you need to reach back to those who are trying to achieve what you already have, who are struggling to get where you are.

As with most areas of success, achievement, and wealth, you cannot reap where you do not sow. It is extremely difficult to get when you are unwilling to give. In order to meet the demand, each and every one of us must contribute to the supply. If each one would mentor at least one, there would be more than enough mentorship to go around. So, once again I ask: Whom are you mentoring?

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