In It To Win It For The Long Haul

Here are some final words on managing your investment club

for as long as the dub is in existence–well beyond retirement age. However, you should be prepared in case certain circumstances warrant that you terminate the club partnership.

Aside from sheer capital growth, investment clubs offer their members valuable experience that they can apply to a wide range of investments. Most club members learn to enhance the club’s till as well as build their own portfolio. Having a personal portfolio doesn’t mean you have to give up your membership in the dub.

In fact, three members of New Freedom put out a national newsletter, Wall Streetwise, a quarterly publication which offers stock recommendations and advice on various investment styles. (Wall Streetwise costs $34.95 for a one-year subscription and $49.95 for two years; For more information, write to Wall Streetwise, P.O. Box 12451, Durham, NC 27709-2451; or call 800419-1318; or fax 919-544-0234.

If you adhere to the investment principles set forth by BE and the NAIC, you will be able to accumulate enough wealth to finance your children’s education, travel the world and avoid any money blues during your golden years.

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