Invest Like the Big Guys

Profit in the stock market with a do-it-yourself approach

he picks his own stocks.

Set Your Sites For Better Stock Picking
To pick stocks like the pros, bookmark these Websites:
In the Financial Services section of the American Express site, a free Resource Center features market commentary and “sector spotlights” that recently looked at the Internet infrastructure. Premium services: An online brokerage, fund tracker, 401(k) manager and other retirement planning services.
Ameritrade’s site features an Education Center with daily topics and a guide to online investing that includes a brief history of the stock market, risk levels of various types of investments and portfolio diversification by company. Also, a variety of free articles, such as “Avoiding Online Fraud,” are available. Premium services: All trades and a “Report and Alert” service that e-mails personalized market reports to subscribers.
Datek Online’s focus is on trading, and it offers after-hour trades until 8 p.m. EST. A free learning center includes “Online Investing Facts You Should Know,” and links to other investment resources by category, such as sites for government, stock exchanges and investor education. Premium services: All trades.
This online brokerage site offers quotes, news, charts and research and analysis on thousands of stocks, options and mutual funds. Free features include market winners, losers and most active issues. Premium services: All trades, real-time news from Dow Jones and research from the site’s brokerage affiliate, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Co.
E*trade offers fantasy portfolio contests like “Market Madness” that let participants take a shot at winning $100,000 through savvy stock picking. Site users who aren’t quite ready to invest can access real-time stock quotes and a customizable portfolio manager. Premium services: Stock and option trades, access to 5,000 mutual funds, bond trading and research, portfolio management and screening tools.
Visitors to the Merrill Lynch site can tap into premium resources that include top equity picks for 2000, market commentary and an Investor Education section for determining personal asset allocation. A 30-day free trial membership with access to analyst research is also available. Premium services: Trades through ML OnLine and other accounts and services such as the Cash Management Account.
The Morgan Stanley Dean Witter site provides access to free research and news including commentaries from U.S. and global investment strategists.
Premium services: The “ichoice” account offers individual investors various levels of trading options including consultation with financial advisors, trades on a self-directed basis, and online or over the phone trading.
Charles Schwab, the leading discount brok
er and a pioneer of do-it-yourself investing, also offers workshops through its local branches that give hands-on lessons in using the Website. Free info on the site includes a step-by-step guide to retirement and the day’s featured articles. Premium services: A full range of charts and stock analysis tools. Two options under “Strategies,” for example, are “low price/sales” and “high performance over last 52 weeks,” the technique advocated by James O’Shaughnessy.
Visitors to can see market movement and read analysis, access a Personal Finance section, check out investing basics and read message boards. Premium services: In-depth commentary, e-mailed updates, tech and international stock watches, stock quotes and a

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