IT Jobs For Non-IT People

Why should Web designers and computer programmers have all the fun-and money? These applied technology jobs will appeal to even the most technically challenged.

planning, we’ve identified some career options that can help you get with the high-tech program-without having to program so much as a line of code.

Technical Writer/Editor Technical writers translate technical and/or scientific information into language the average person can understand. They write operation and maintenance manuals, brochures, catalogs, handbooks, and promotional materials. Tech writers may also produce content for Internet/intranet sites. Technical editors review these documents for readability, grammar, and accuracy. People entering this field must have excellent writing skills and the ability to translate technical information into layman’s terms.

Liberal arts degree in journalism or communications. Many schools offer these degrees with a concentration in technical writing. Strong writing samples and a desire to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry are also key.

Technical Writer/Editor:

Society for Technical Communications
901 N. Stuart St., Suite 904
Arlington, VA 22203

Web Writer/Editor Writers provide editorial content for Internet/intranet sites and translate print documents into conversational style for the Web. Editors polish this content for style, consistency, and easy readability. Web writers and editors work in a team environment with Web designers, Webmasters, and other departments to keep the content current.

An ability to write content for Internet/intranet sites and a working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Certifications in Web writing and the above-mentioned computer programs are helpful but not required.

Writers: $40,000
Editors: $50,986
HTML Writers Guild
1225 Tamiami Trail, Suite B18
Port Charlotte, FL 33953

Sales Representative There are two kinds of sales representatives: inside sales reps and outside sales reps.
Inside sales reps-who sell by telephone-are typically more experienced and better paid than outside sales reps, who solicit customers offsite. A knack for selling and a thorough knowledge of the product are essential. Employers often feel that it’s more important for individuals to have selling ability, rather than technical knowledge, which is easier to teach.

Good communication skills, a high level of motivation, and excellent customer relations skills are needed for this position.
Salary range: $40,000 to
$150,000, and up

1825 South Grand St.
San Mateo, CA 94402

Marketing Communications Manager These professionals support the marketing and business objectives of the company. They develop marketing plans that incorporate advertising, public relations, and sales promotions. In the competitive high-tech field, the marketing communications professional decides which of the many trade shows their company should attend and is part of the organizing team for these exhibitions.

This position is open to people from various backgrounds, including liberal arts and business majors. Working knowledge and/or experience in advertising or public relations may be helpful.

Median salary: $50,100.

International Association of
Business Communications (IABC)
One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94102

Brand Manager Establishing and maintaining brand loyalty among customers is an important component of a brand manager’s job. These professionals work across company lines and with external agencies to achieve this end. When a company launches a new product or improves an old one, it’s the brand manager’s job to ensure that customer loyalty remains constant. They may work with the advertising, marketing, or public relations department to convey and deliver the products’ promise to consumers.

According to the Bureau

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