IT Jobs For Non-IT People

Why should Web designers and computer programmers have all the fun-and money? These applied technology jobs will appeal to even the most technically challenged.

useful as Web designers should be creative and have a good eye for design techniques that work well on Internet/intranet sites. Experience as a graphic designer for a print publication may be helpful.

Median: $46,734

HTML Writers Guild
1225 Tamiami Trail, Suite B18
Port Charlotte, FL 33953

-Additional reporting by Robyn D. Clarke

The following Websites and publications offer additional information on technology careers.
High-Tech Careers for Low-Tech People by William A. Schaffer (Ten Speed Press, $14.95); This Website is dedicated to improving the quality of life for technical professionals. Provides all the background information you’ll need on the applied technology position you want. This Website acts like a 24-hour recruiter. Post your résumé and check out the available jobs.

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