It’s A Family Affair

Judith Aidoo

tanking nor rocketing upward. –add 5
(c) Things look positive, very strong for the years ahead, and growth should continue. –add 10
10. What’s your impression on new financial products you might’ve learned about, whether they’re options, whether they’re options, derivatives, commodities or futures?
(a) You’re scared to death of anything you haven’t heard and avoid anything that smacks of a get-rich-quick scheme. –add 0
(b) You’d like to learn more, but probably wouldn’t risk your money on anything of the sort. –add 5
(c) You’re eager to find out more just to see if you can get in on a new way to create wealth. –add 10

After totaling your results, you’ll get a figure that indicates your appetite for risk:
A score anywhere from 0 to 30 qualifies you as a relatively conservative investor. You’re not eager to take risks with your money and are willing to sacrifice a little in the way of gains to protect your savings. Look at growth and income funds first, and perhaps growth funds if you’re feeling a bit frisky. When you dive into stocks, you’ll be happiest with blue chips. You’d like to learn more about bonds.

35 to 60 places you among moderate risk takers. You’re conscious of the fact that you have to stick you neck out a little to boost gains, but you’re not willing to do anything foolish. Growth funds are for you. Should your total be nearer to 35, we’d suggest looking at growth and income as a side investment. Should it be closer to 60, we’d suggest international and aggressive growth funds. Blue chip stocks seem like a good bet, although you’d be willing to get into technology and high- growth companies.
65 and up, your score has you nearly labeled as a risk taker. Aggressive and international funds seem to be to your liking, and high-flying tech and biotech stocks are your ticket.

Baron Asset 800-992-2766.
Aim Aggressive Growth 800-347-4246
Kaufmann Fund 800-237-0132
Janus Worldwide 800-525-8983
Templeton Global Opportunity 800-292-9293
Templeton Capital Appreciation 800-292-9293

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