It’s just a number . . .

But your age may be the key to travel discounts

available by the Council on International Educational Exchange (33-1-44-41-74-74).

Growing older has its privileges. With one-third of travelers over 50, according to Joan Rattner Heilman, author of Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re Over 50 (Contemporary Books, $11.95), companies are actively targeting this segment. Most major airlines offer seniors over 62 discounts of 10% and many sell senior discount travel coupons.

Airlines aren’t the only discounters. Amtrak offers 15% off to all riders age 62 and older. In addition, car renters over 50 can get 5% to 20% off, although many discounts are only open to members of the American Association of Retired Persons ( or 800-424-3410), the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (416-363-8748) or Mature Outlook (800-336-6300).

Hotels, such as Hilton, give seniors age 50-plus discounts of up to 50%. Hilton’s Senior HHonors program costs $55 annually, and gives members discounts of up to half off room rates and a 20% discount at hotel restaurants-even if they’re not an overnight guest.

So, whether it’s for your children, your parents or yourself, taking advantage of age-based discounts can save you big bucks when you book. As Parsons puts it, “As long as you think ahead and keep an
open mind, there’s a deal out there for you.”

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