It’s Time For A Career Workout

Seasoned business professionals can get in shape with an executive coach

as marketing manager for Delta Dental Plan of Michigan in Lansing. Gaines, who says her life is more balanced today, now runs a part-time textile and antique business while training for triathlons. If your career is ready for a workout, here’s how to find a coach who’s right for you:

Get personal referrals. The best way to find a coach is by talking to someone who has been coached. Also, organizations such as Coach University ( and International Coach Federation ( maintain directories of coaches.

Interview at least three coaches. Because the profession is relatively new, it’s still unlicensed and unregulated. “You’ve got to shop around,” says Williams.

Evaluate credentials. Do they have training in coaching skills? What is their education and business back- ground? Williams, a former corporate executive, holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has had training as a coach.

Seek a compatible style. Find out what their philosophy of coaching is. Give them a scenario and ask them how they would coach you on it. Do their answers resonate with you?

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