Just the fax, please

Two e-mail fax services keep you connected, even on the road

a smaller budget or less-demanding travel schedule.

eFax.com is a free service that delivers faxes 24 hours a day to your e-mail account. similar to JFAX, eFax.com provides e-mail users with a tele-phone number. But the numbers are all generated with a Midwestern area code, so many fax senders will incur long-distance charges. As with JFAX, you’ll need to download a viewer to see the faxes.

"We plan to offer a premium service package in the future," said Janice Kapner, director of marketing and communications. Some of the anticipated upgrades, which will be available for a charge, include a toll-free number and sending and archiving capabilities. eFax.com wants to allow its subscribers the ability to store faxes at the eFax server rather than having to store large fax files on personal hard drives.

Faxes from both services are clean, clear digital transmissions that let you print out that oh, so important document. Typically, getting an account takes less than 10 minutes and receiving a message to your e-mail account takes less than a minute. Both services will do what you want the next time you absolutely, positively have to have the fax.

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