Just What The Boss Ordered

Use the tips prescribed to ensure professional longevity and physical well-being

sleep patterns and prevents people from experiencing a deep rest. Avoid all of these substances four to six hours before bedtime.

Engage in daily physical exercise. People with office jobs have far more trouble with insomnia than people whose work is physical in nature. Fifteen minutes a day of exercise will give your body the activity and oxygen it needs to help you relax more and sleep longer.

Reserve your bed for the purpose of sleep. When you get into bed, your body should be programmed to shut down and get rest. So avoid eating, reading, working, or watching television in bed. It will confuse your body and prolong the process of getting to sleep.

Sleep in a well ventilated room. Fresh air and a room temperature between 60365 degrees will provide the best sleeping conditions. Keep the thermostat down and adjust your temperature from inside the bed with the appropriate amount of sheets or blankets.

–Hasani Pettiford

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