Keeping The Competition At Bay

Bay Networks' Lloyd Carney pushes networking into the fast lane


His group also develops products for remote access and extranet computing. Both are ways in which employees or business partners make a secure connection to a company’s internal network without compromising the speed of being physically at the company. “I have the same access from my home office that I have from my desk,” says Carney, who has a high-speed ISDN line at his home. Time and distance are no longer barriers to doing business, he adds. “I have employees as far flung as South America who can dial into our network easily.”

Carney sees a dismantling of the barriers for businesses to conduct e-commerce as networking equipment gets cheaper. While this will enable more companies to conduct business via the Internet, it will also increase competition. Only the companies that fully and creatively integrate the possibilities of the Internet into their operations will emerge victorious in a rapidly changing business environment.

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