La-Van Hawkins Linked To Philadelphia Corruption Probe

B.E. 100s CEO faces fraud, perjury charges

to the game), and numerous other meals, parties, and choice tickets to sports and entertainment events. In exchange for these benefits, according to authorities, Kemp permitted White to direct his decisions as treasurer.

Authorities claim Hawkins sought to participate with White in various business ventures for which they sought the assistance of public officials and political candidates by offering campaign contributions and other compensation. The indictment further states that one such venture was a plan by Hawkins and White to gain control of nearly 100 Church’s Fried Chicken outlets in Detroit and Chicago for $20 million to $22 million. Authorities say Hawkins’ plan was to assist one of the partners who owned the franchises to buy out his other partners and then join Hawkins and White in a new partnership. The indictment claims that Hawkins planned to resell the franchises back to Church’s parent company and net $4 million to $5 million in a six-month transition.
Michael Layne, a spokesman for Hawkins, said, “La-Van Hawkins will vigorously defend against these allegations and will prevail.”

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