Learning The Political Game

last chance to negotiate a package that will help compensate them for their income loss. Federal law gives affected employees 21 days to consider the offer before signing it, and after signing it, seven days to change their mind. Wright suggests, “[That] would be a good time to ask for all you can.”

The Art Of Winning
To deal with competitive threats, some management gurus say today’s executives need help from history’s most lionized military tactician: Sun Tzu. After reading The Art of War For Executives by Donald G. Krause (Perigee Trade; $14.95), Keith Wilson, medical doctor and CEO of Talbert Medical Group, one of California’s largest independent, physician-owned primary care and multi-specialty medical groups, says the advice he derived from the ancient Chinese military strategist emboldened him to revisit the group’s competitive approach and devise other methods to bolster its profitability. He shares several of the book’s tactics:

Assess the climate. Scope the terrain and know the pulse of your industry. Stay abreast of trends and changes by attending trade meetings, reading business publications, and communicating with colleagues in the field.

Know your enemy. Size up the competition. Identify other contenders vying for your market and keep a close watch on them. Log on to their Websites, subscribe to their newsletters, and purchase their products and services.

Commit to winning. Retreat is not an option. Prioritize goals and allocate the money, time, and manpower required to achieve the desired outcome.

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