Leaving the golden arches

Robert Beavers makes a fresh start

money. They combined bids to become finalists in the acquisition.

“Bob brings a tremendous amount of insight into the McDonald’s system and how it works with its suppliers,” says Kevin Callaghan, a managing director at Berkshire Partners. “McDonald’s clearly has encouraged his involvement, and we were open to the idea of finding a real value-added partner. I think Bob, with his contacts, his experience and his insights, is a perfect candidate for that.”

“I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in discussions where tough decisions had to be made, and after a lot of debate, the ultimate decision-and the right decision-was the one Bob put on the table,” said Jack M. Greenberg, president and CEO of McDonald’s. “We’re thrilled that he is staying in the family. When we describe the strengths of McDonald’s, we refer to the business as a ‘three-legged stool,’ with its success depending on the success of each leg-franchisees, our employees and suppliers. With his new position, Bob will have represented all three legs during his career. This is great news for Bob and it’s great news for McDonald’s.”

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